What are Loret de Mola and Iván ‘La Mole’ doing in the same photo?

What do they do Loret de Mola, Víctor Trujillo, La Mole and Adrián Marcelo in the same photo? It seems that the Qatar World Cup managed to unite comedians, journalists and all kinds of personalities.

Especially on November 22, when Mexico played its first World Cup match in Qatar against Poland.

The renowned comedian Iván ‘La Mole’, who enjoys great popularity on Tik Tok, is in the World Cup with Adrián Marcelo, and journalists Carlos Loret de Mola and Victor Trujillo. The four participate in the coverage of the World Cup in Qatar for LatinUs.

Dressed in shirts to show their support for the Mexican team, the four shared a photo on social networks.

“These guys asked us for a photo,” Adrián Marcerlo joked on his Twitter account when sharing the photo.

Could Adrián Marcelo and La Mole end up in jail in Qatar?

Adrián Marcelo shared in an interview, which was broadcast on the @ObradelDeporte TikTok account, that both he and La Mole are in Qatar as part of the LatinUs comedy offer.

And he added that for said event they created different characters such as Mennonites and Arabs.

When asked if he saw Adrián Marcelo in prison during the World Cup in Qatar, he replied: “I see him one-armed, I see an Adrián Marcelo one-armed.”

And jokingly, he added that he saw himself returning to Mexico thanks to a possible intervention by Marcelo Ebrard.

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The debut match of the Mexican team ended with a zero draw against Poland, where the hero of the match was the Aztec goalkeeper Guillemo Ochoa.

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