VIDEO. He tried to rob the driver and ran away when he saw that his victim was armed

A recording was released through social networks where a passerby can be seen being chased by a driver, after a failed assaultin the streets of Mexico City.

In the video you can see the alleged assailant run away while the alleged victim he goes after him, yelling at him to stop, apparently the driver is carrying a firearm, and seconds later an explosion can be heard.

The scene of the events occurred in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office, near the incorporation of Periférico towards Chivatito, located between Campo a Marte and the first section of the military region.

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In the recording you can see a man with a face mask, dressed in a black sweatshirt, gray pants and white and black tennis shoes while being chased by another user. The alleged victim got out of a white Mercedes, dressed in a black leather jacket, white shirt, black jeans and black shoes.

According to the video, it can be seen that the victim has an object in his hands, which is presumably a firearmafter both people leave the frame, a detonation is heard.

At the moment, the start of the dispute is unknown, if there are any injuries or if a complaint has already been filed in this regard.

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