Today’s Matches: Germany vs Japan, Live World Cup Qatar 2022 Match: Matchday 1 Result and Group E Goals

Live score: Germany 1-0 Japan | Day 1 – Group E | World Cup Qatar 2022

min 53 | Germany 1-0 Japan | Japan reacts with Tanaka sending a service to the far post but Kamada fails to finish off because of how strong the center was.

min 51 | Germany 1-0 Japan | Great play by Musiala who ends up shooting inside the area but the ball goes high.

min 46 | Germany 1-0 Japan | CLOSE GNABRY! Great run by Müller, who opens to the right for the arrival of Gnabry whose shot brushes the crossbar before going wide.

min 46 | Germany 1-0 Japan | Change of Japan for this second part. Kubo leaves and Tomiyasu enters.

45 min | Germany 1-0 Japan | Start the second part!

Although they did not wear the rainbow bracelet in favor of the LGTBI community, the players from Germany did protest before the game. They covered their mouths in the initial formation, seeming to say to FIFA that they are not allowed to express themselves freely. Later, the German federation itself explained the reasons for this protest: “Taking off our rainbow bracelet is covering our mouths.” And he continued: “With our captain’s armband we wanted to set an example of the values ​​we live by in the national team: diversity and mutual respect. We must make noise together with other nations. This is not a political message: human rights are not negotiable.” . HERE THE COMPLETE NOTE.

Min 45+7 | Germany 1-0 Japan | We go to rest. With a total superiority, Germany goes to rest, although they only have a slight advantage on the scoreboard, they have been very insistent in the rival area.

Min 45+6 | Germany 1-0 Japan | Japan look for one last chance before the break, but Maeda’s header goes wide of Neuer’s goal.

Min 45+5 | Germany 1-0 Japan |GOAL CANCELED. Havertz’s goal does not count for offside after being reviewed in the VAR.

Min 45+4 | Germany 2-0 Japan | Germany’s goal is reviewed by VAR for possible offside.

Min 45+4 | Germany 2-0 Japan | GOOOOOOOL FROM GERMANY. The second arrives in the last minute of added time. Great play by Germany. Gnabry takes advantage of the Japanese goalkeeper’s rejection to send a pass to Havertz who only manages to push the ball.

45 min | Germany 1-0 Japan | Four more minutes are added to the first part. Germany maintains control of the game in this final part.

min 42 | Germany 1-0 Japan | We reached the final stretch of the first part. Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, is at the Khalifa International Stadium.

min 39 | Germany 1-0 Japan | Try Germany again without success. After a long play with crosses to the area and some passes from the edge, the expected conclusion did not come and Japan manages to clear as best they can.

37 min | Germany 1-0 Japan | Japan returns to the German area, Kubo sends a cross through the air that is cut off by the European defense.

min 33 | Germany 1-0 Japan | GOOOOOOOL GERMANY! Gndogan manages to trick Gonda with his shot. The Japanese goalkeeper dived to the left and the German shot powerfully to the opposite side.

32 min | Germany 0-0 Japan | NOW THERE IS A PENALTY FOR GERMANY! The whistler marks the maximum penalty after Gonda knocked down Raum inside the area.

min 29 | Germany 0-0 Japan | Germany wants the goal. Now Raum’s dangerous center that clears Gonda.

26 min | Germany 0-0 Japan | Gndogan asks for a hand after finishing off from the front, but nothing is indicated.

25 min | Germany 0-0 Japan | The VAR reviews a possible handball and a penalty for Germany in the area but decides that there is nothing.

min 22 | Germany 0-0 Japan | Sakai and Itakura get in the way and neither can finish off at the far post after Tanaka’s cross.

21 min | Germany 0-0 Japan | Japan react and Kubo tries to send a low pass inside from the edge of the box, but Rdiger manages to block his serve.

20 min | Germany 0-0 Japan | SHORTCUT FROM GONDA ​​TO KIMMICH! The Bayern player found space to send a great shot from distance directly to the left of the goal, but the goalkeeper, attentive, excelled with a great save.

15 min | Germany 0-0 Japan | Close Rdiger! Header from the Madrid player at the far post that brushes against the post.

14 min | Germany 0-0 Japan | Great cross ball from Rdiger, but Sakai anticipates Raum and manages to clear.

min 13 | Germany 0-0 Japan | After the scare of the offside goal, Flick’s men have taken full control of the game.

11 min | Germany 0-0 Japan | Musiala tries again on the left, but they manage to take the ball from him when he was about to enter the area.

min 8 | Germany 0-0 Japan |Goal disallowed for Japan! The Japanese went on the counterattack and Maeda defines the back of the net offside.

Min 4 | Germany 0-0 Japan | The Japanese try to go out in counterattack. Junya Ito throws a long ball, but the Teutonic defense is attentive and avoids surprise, although they concede a corner kick.

Min 3 | Germany 0-0 Japan | Germany takes possession of the ball. His idea is very clear, he tries to arrive on both sides with the idea of ​​getting up on the scoreboard as soon as possible.

Min 2 | Germany 0-0 Japan | The Teutonic team was in charge of setting the ball in motion and immediately went on the attack.

min 00 | Germany 0-0 Japan | The game starts at the Khalifa International Stadium. Germany and Japan are already competing in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Germany boasts the shirt of the World Cup debut

The selection of Germany play with his traditional white jersey, which he already boasts through social networks with the legend of the match against Japan.

Germany confirmed lineup

The Teutn team has announced the starting lineup with which to start the match against Japan.

Japan lineup confirmed

The Japanese announce the starting 11 with which they will jump onto the field of the Khalifa International Stadium to play against Germany.

How to watch the debut match between Germany and Japan live on TV and Online?

The transmission of this duel will be exclusive by SKY, with the initial whistle at 07:00 Central Mexico time, and you can continue everything that is generated and minute by minute in MARCA Claro.

WELCOME!!!! be all and all to the debut of Germany and Japan in the World Cup in Qatar 2022, in a match that will take place at the Khalifa International Stadium, as part of Group E of the competition.

the teutonic team try to shake off the bad taste that his participation in Russia 2018 left him, in which they were eliminated in the group stage, for which they seek to start with a victory against the Japanese, whom they will face for the first time in a World Cup.

The Europeans come out as the great favorites to take the first 3 points home, in a sector in which the teams of Spain and Costa Rica also appear. However, they must make their predictions count on the field against a Japan that dreams of giving another of the great surprises of the World Cup.

It is because of that They cannot detach themselves from this minute by minute of MARCA Claro that promises to be spectacular… We begin!!

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