Today’s horoscope, November 23, 2022, of all the zodiac signs

In today’s horoscope, wednesday november 23the new Moon is in Sagittarius and its vibration is one of initiation, enthusiasm and opening paths. This energy favors you to apply it to certain issues according to your sign.


You are a sign of fire and this is due to your intuition, your spirit of adventure and your strong drive to move forward in life. Tonight’s New Moon in Sagittarius will expand these qualities even more and will motivate you to look for those ideas and phrases on which you will rely to build your next six months.

In addition, you will consider the idea of ​​continuing training in courses that improve your professional development. Tonight, when you feel connected to the Moon, light an Amber incense because its aroma transmits prosperity to you, then make a small visualization of your goals to better integrate them.

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During these days you have had time to rethink what feelings and relationships you should leave behind in order to start a more positive stage. To achieve this, today’s New Moon will help you by giving you the opportunity to open a cycle of sincere and ardent love.

In addition, you will be able to incorporate more optimism and vision of the future; qualities that will favor you to attract the person you want and build a good relationship. When tonight you are connected with the luminary, light a rose incense, aroma of love and visualize the couple you want. This will help you better start this cycle.

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Since previous days you have been cleaning your aura and with this you have freed yourself from sad memories. Today you will be able to feel full energy to start a new cycle in this area of ​​your life. For this, it helps you lean on today’s New Moon and put all your power and intention into building healthy and strong relationships that do not cause pain, but bring happiness.

Tonight, when you’re already relaxed, light a jasmine incense because its aroma brings you optimism and tranquility. Also, it connects you with good luck and love. Then, visualize that the desired person arrives in your life.

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The changes that you have generated in your routine have allowed you to take care of your diet and keep your body stronger. Today the Universe will give you the opportunity to further improve this with the New Moon, which will fill you with vitality because it influences the health area of ​​your horoscope.

In addition, it will be reflected in your state of mind, as you will have more optimism and you will feel within yourself that everything will be fine. At night, seek to be relaxed and light a lemon incense, since its aroma is used to promote health, do a little meditation and allow yourself to feel how each of your cells is strengthened.

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Tonight’s New Moon will allow you to open a cycle in your feelings in which you can incorporate more moments of happiness. With this phase you will feel that your energy will flow freely and that you will synchronize your mind with your emotions to know how to attract the type of relationship you want.

In addition, you will feel stimulated to create frontal relationships full of passion, since you will feel prepared to live them. Tonight do a little meditation and visualize the person who comes into your life. If you want to integrate that feeling even more, light a rose incense whose aroma connects you with love.

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For days you have been improving family life and you are already very clear about what you want to leave family relationships behind. Therefore, with today’s New Moon, the desire to share with them in a different way will be renewed within you, understanding them more.

In this order of ideas, it will be important that you can understand that how beautiful you live in the next six months will be a reflection of the tranquility of your internal world. Keeping this in mind, tonight do a meditation with your family group, connect with the phase of the luminary and together visualize the family ideal that you want to achieve.

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Today’s New Moon will help you clear your mind of negative thoughts and start a cycle in which you will have more mental clarity. As this Lunar phase will influence the area of ​​ideas, you will notice that you will be receiving different types of information in order to improve your projections and your goals for the next six months.

You will also be able to determine which course you should take to specialize more professionally. Tonight, when you are calm, try to connect with the Moon and, when you do, light a lavender incense and meditate. Its aroma will allow you to relax mentally.

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The New Moon tonight will focus on your economy. This means that you will be opening a new six-month cycle in which, in order to obtain more profits, you will have to apply more of your audacity, dynamism and ability to solve problems quickly.

In this way, you will feel stronger and more confident to put aside your tendency to boycott yourself when you are about to achieve what you want. Tonight, connect with the Moon and visualize the money you want to receive. To better integrate this sensation, light a cinnamon incense, since its aroma will connect you with prosperity.

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Today you will have the New Moon in your sign and it symbolizes the beginning of a personal cycle that will favor you to increase the virtues that you like about yourself. Also to develop the qualities of your personality that can be beneficial for you, such as acceptance of challenges, sincere love and a conquering spirit.

In addition, this phase will help you to renew all your energy and reprogram each of your cells in order to be strong and healthy. Tonight, I recommend you light a Sandalwood incense that helps you align with your etheric body.

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Today’s New Moon symbolizes a time to reconnect with yourself in order to take a step on your spiritual path. This contact with the depths of your being will make you acquire a new vision to discover the meaning that events have beyond the obvious and which ones to give importance to.

As you will grasp things faster, you will discover that what you gave importance to no longer has that value. Dedicate yourself to deepening your creative energy to reach a higher level of consciousness. Tonight light your Palo Santo incense, whose aroma has great energetic powers and connect with the Universe.

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The Lunar cycle that begins today is maintained for the next six months. During this time, it will be important for you to develop your strength of action, precision and speed, frankness and practical sense. In this way, you will have the ability to create new projects with your work team to grow as a group and without selfish ends; especially, the latter is important for your new ideas to work for you.

Tonight do a meditation to connect with the energy of the group. Light a Mirra incense, it works as a spiritual cleanser and allow yourself to flow with the vibration of the luminary.

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Today’s New Moon brings vitalizing energy that will motivate you to accept challenges, recover from adversity and look to the future, especially in material matters. Take advantage of this good time to organize the work goals you want to achieve in the next six months, as well as to activate your skills as a good money manager and the ability to lead others.

Tonight connect with your inner world, light a Salvia incense, to transform negative energies into positive ones and recover your vitality, visualize your goals and feel peace for having achieved it.

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