Tiktoker deciphers with a mathematical formula who will be the world champion in Qatar

It is causing a furore on the net, the video of a content creator known as Javi Santaolalla, where he assures that through a mathematical formula can you tell which country will win the World Cup in Qatar 2022 and who will be the finalists.

Javi Santaolalla’s profile is about science, since he is a doctor in particle physics and a popular science tiktoker; where he explains phenomena and videos viral with a background closely related to science.

In the video ensures that physics can be used in these cases to predict who will win the cup; to perform the formula the content creator says he leans on the Bayesian philosophy and the thermodynamicstaking into account factors that are left out to calculate the probability.

The formula to know who will win Qatar 2022

The formula mathematics used in the physics that adapted the tiktokermakes details such as goals, recoveries, percentage of possession and games lost for each team quantifiable to create a parameter that reflects the ability of each country to dominate a game.

The resulting capacity will increase with the amount of goals scored and fewer games lost; All the information for the calculation was obtained from the results of the matches in the qualifying phase, with which he filled out a table with the results to see the final comparison.

The final results of Javi Santaolalla showed that the semifinalist countries will be Germany and Argentina, he mentions Japan as a finalist and finally, the winner according to physics and thermodynamics, it will be England.

The reaction of the netizens

After assuring who will be the countries that will stand out in the worldthe video quickly went viral with more than 2.4 million likes. reproductions362.8 thousand I like it4.9 thousand shared and more than 3 thousand comments where users who love footballsurely they changed their forecast in the pools and say: “Argentina is going to win”, “The statistics indicate that Asian countries are weak”, “Your theory fell to pieces with Japan”, “But you did not count on Argentina breaking the laws of physics”, “France is going to win”, “The money variable was missing”, “Theory where Messi does not win, a theory that I do not believe”, “I believe the experts who say that the party has 90 minutes where anything can happen”, “I would trade Japan for Brazil”, are some of the most popular comments on the video.

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