Through tears, Mariazel recounts her bitter experience in Qatar: “I can’t believe people like that exist”

Mariazel Olle Casals caused great concern among her fans in the last few hours because on her social networks published a video in which he appeared crying because he had an unfortunate experience during his stay in Qatarso in this note we will tell you everything we know about this unfortunate episode that the dear “dysfunctional sister” lived through.

It was through her Instagram stories where Mariazel published the video in question, in which she could be seen visibly altered and Through tears, she recounted that a motorist deliberately ran over a cat, However, the dear driver pointed out that wanted to avoid the tragedy and explained that she herself put herself at riskHowever, his efforts were in vain and the cat was run over.

“They just ran over a cat right under my noseI swear that the person had time to stop, I got on the road, but I saw that he was not going to stop and he took him away ”were the words of Mariazel, who was visibly shocked by what happened and immediately pointed out that it seemed incredible to her that there are people who are capable of deliberately harming another living being.

“I can’t believe that there are people like that, with that indifference, obviously if your life is in danger and you can’t stop then you do what you have to do, but if you really can avoid it, do it, damn it”, said Mariazel, who in the final stretch of her video was also upset and frustrated by what happened.

Mariazel no longer revealed how the unfortunate situation in which she was involved during her stay in Qatar ended, where she is covering the Qatar 2022 World Cup as part of the TUDN team, however, this is the first unfortunate situation she has experienced. in that country where He has also taken certain precautions about his clothing to avoid being penalized by the authorities.

Mariazel gets free tickets

After the unfortunate moment she experienced, Mariazel revealed that from one moment to the next her day took a 180-degree turn because she had to leave her tears behind to go to the Al Thumama stadium and make a promotional video for a brand that sponsors her and the finish work Somebody gave him a leftover ticket so he could attend the match between Spain and Costa Rica. And as expected, the host was more than happy to be able to support the team of the country where she was born and from which she had to move to Mexico from a very young age due to her parents’ work.

Mariazel has caught the eye in Qatar 2022 for her overwhelming beauty. Photo: IG: mariazelzel


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