The first snowfall falls on Cerro del Potosí due to low temperatures: images- Uno TV

This was the first snowfall that has been reported in NL. Photo: Darkroom

Due to low temperatures in New Lion, the first snowfall of the year was reported in the Potosi Hillconfirmed Civil protection of this state.

In social networks they have begun to circulate images of how this phenomenon was experienced weather, which began during the night of November 21.

The first snowfall in Cerro del Potosí

About the first snowfall of the year in Cerro del Potosí, Civil Protection of Nuevo León published on his official Twitter account that he will be in coordination with Navigation Services in the Mexican Airspace (Seneam) to perform a monitoring in the affected area because of the snow

In that same social network, the Weather forecast for the rest of the week. From Wednesday to Friday the temperature is expected to rise a little, reaching a minimum between 11 °C and 14 °C, and a maximum of 16°C to 24°C.

The Saturday is forecast that one more times lower the temperature and a minimum of 7°C, Therefore, it is recommended to take the necessary measures and wear the appropriate clothing for this type of climate.

Recommendations for this season of low temperatures

Civil Protection recommends to all citizens that in this cold season take precautions to avoid contracting respiratory diseases.

One of the best-known measures for this season is using warm clothes when going out, mainly cover the nose and mouth, since sudden changes in temperature affect the immune system.

if there is at home elderly people or children, must take special care with them and try to keep them as warm as possible.

Try to consume fruits and vegetables that have a high amount of vitamins A and C, such as oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, melon, mango, among others.

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