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They are Siamese twins or, if you like, branches of the same trunk: Those who organized the march on Sunday the 13th on Paseo de la Reforma, which brought together those who committed the most grotesque electoral fraud in the modern history of Mexico, and those who politicians entrenched in religion met at the summit in Santa Fe, defending and fighting exactly the same thing.

Both branches of the same conservative trunk identify as the common enemy progressive thought, which seeks to establish a welfare state in the face of neoliberalism, and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, defined by both as “populist” and “communist”, almost the evil.

The leaders of both factions of conservatism are also the same: Claudio X. González and Eduardo Verástegui do not recognize themselves as politicians, but rather as activists, but both are children of privilege and defenders of the elites who continue to hold the economic and media power that feel threatened.

And they are so equal that the two were joined by Enrique Peña Nieto, emblem of corruption: The first was granted the privatizing educational reform and thousands of contracts for the family business, Kimberly Clark de México, and the second was taken on the ostentatious plane president, drinking wine, and even brought it before Pope Francis to be blessed.

Verástegui, better known for his scandals with Ricky Martin than as a singer and actor, is the nephew of César “El Truko” Verástegui Ostos, the defeated candidate for governor of Tamaulipas run by fugitive Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca and the PRI-PAN coalition. and PRD created, in his own home, by the oligarch Claudio X. González Guajardo.

And it is that those of the Claudio X González march and those attending the Conservative Action Political Conference (CPAC), gathered at the Westin hotel in Santa Fe by Verástegui, do not have different and conflicting projects, because they defend exactly the same thing –the neoliberal model and the principles of Western civilization–, only with differences in form.

The “true right”, the one that met in Santa Fe, assumes itself as such and displays its slogans without embarrassment before the “cowardly right”, the one that marched in Reforma, which is also hypocritical, because it seeks to appear progressive and cool, a simulation that no one surprises anymore.

There are those who were at the Claudio X. march and also at the Verástegui summit: For example, the far-right organization El Yunque, which clings to secrecy and operates in countries in America and Europe through letterheads such as Misión Rescate México, Make yourself heard, Citizen Go and, of course, the Vox party.

Obviously it is not just about Mexico, but about the entire hemisphere and Europe: Some and others have encouraged and/or justified destabilization strategies and even military coups, as in Bolivia and Brazil, in addition to privatization, depredation and dispossession of the countries’ natural resources, using disinformation media campaigns.

In the form, the political parties of Claudio X. criticize, for example, Donald Trump and the Vox party of Spain, partners of Verástegui, but respectively support Joe Biden and the Popular Party, who defend exactly the same thing. They are, for purposes of illustration, Coca Cola and Pensi Cola.

Nor are there differences in the “intellectual” and media world: Enrique Krauze, Héctor Aguilar Camín, José Woldenberg and Claudio X. González defend and fight exactly the same as Mario Vargas Llosa and Vox in Mexico, Spain, the United States and Latin America.

Both right-wing factions are also identical in denouncing that ideas and freedom of expression are persecuted, but that of Claudio X. and that of Verástegui meet, demonstrate and do what they want in Mexico without anyone, including the government of the “dictator”, bother them.

Claudio X.’s coalition still does not have a presidential candidate, while Verástegui already has his own, but he does not have a political party. In one of those, being branches of the same trunk, they agree and go together in 2024.

Verástegui has already been acclaimed by his followers who met in Santa Fe as a presidential candidate and may well be plan B for national conservatism if Claudio X’s coalition does not work, in 2024 or 2030.

The political scientist Juan Carlos Monedero is right: Capitalism in crisis always has fascism as Plan B…

Alvaro Delgado Gomez

Álvaro Delgado Gómez is a journalist, born in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, in 1966. He began as a reporter in 1986 and has worked in the newsrooms of El Financiero, El Nacional and El Universal. In November 1994, he joined the weekly Proceso as a reporter, where he was head of Political Information and specialized in covering political affairs. He has written several books, including El Yunque, the extreme right in power (Plaza y Janés); The Army of God (Plaza and Janés) and The Deceit. Preaching and practice of the PAN (Grijalbo). He kneaded. The Peña-Calderón secret pact and other PAN betrayals (Editorial Proceso) is his most recent book.

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