Street vendors use ‘hawks’ to evade police operations in the center of CDMX

Arrived the end of the year season and with it the arrival of thousands of street vendors to the downtown area of ​​Mexico City.

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More than 10,000 street vendors have recently set up shop to sell; synthetic Christmas pines, toys, clothing, tennis, Christmas lights, tools, bicycles, electrical items and appliances among others.

To evade ordering operations on public roads, leaders of informal commerce placed “hawks” on the corners and among the busiest streets. These men, mostly with tactical vests and communication radios, monitor police activity and limit consumers to taking photos or videos of commercial activity.

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Without respecting the vehicular passage, pedestrian entrance to homes or the entrance to established businesses, the more than 10,000 street vendors settled in the streets of the Republic of Colombia, the Republic of Costa Rica, the Republic of Bolivia, the Republic of Ecuador, the Republic of Venezuela, Del Carmen and Callejón de Girón among others.

It is evident that derived from the installation of street vendors, they would make it impossible for emergency units to respond quickly in the event of an accident.

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