Statue of a gargoyle appears in Chimalhuacán | VIRAL VIDEO

In TikTok We can find endless videos that go viral, however, there is one that has caught the attention of netizens and it is the one of the gargoyle found in Chimalhuacán, Mexico state. Although many have made up stories about the figure, the TikTok account -@lacomunidaddelbuho- published a couple of videos in which the myths and rumors about the famous Chimalhuacan gargoyle.

the famous gargoyle rests on the roof of a taco shop located in the municipality of Chimalhuacán and can be seen chained, and without a wingwhich has unleashed several myths that were clarified through the video of the account -@lacomunidaddelbuho-.

Although several people have invented stories behind the popular Chimalhuacán gargoyle, on TikTok it has been revealed its existence but it is far from being evil as many netizens say. The account of -@lacomunidaddelbuho- A video of the Chimalhuacán gargoyle went viral, in which he interviewed a connoisseur of the statue, who did not reveal his identity.

In the conversation, the interviewee explained the origin of the gargoyle and revealed how long it has been there.

“It has been here for 8 years, it was ordered to be made, it is 2 meters high,” explained the interviewee.

He also explained that the gargoyle It is made of fiberglass although from a distance it gives the impression of being made of steel or some metal, in addition, as seen from afar, it is chained to a structure metal on the roof.

According to the myths, the gargoyle does not have a wing and remains in chains as punishments for “escape” at night to do evil. However, according to the words of the interviewee, everything that was said on TikTok it’s false.

The Gargoyle Chains they are simply ornamentsa the statue, while the loss of its wing went to consequence of bad weather.

The gargoyle lost a wing due to bad weather |  CAPTURE

The gargoyle lost a wing due to bad weather | CAPTURE

The true story behind the Chimalhuacán gargoyle was revealed and it’s not that dark as it is painted in TikTok. Rather, it is an exotic and striking decoration of the taco shop ‘The brother-in-law’ which is located in Av. del Peñon, esq. Xochileco extension, in Chimalhuacán, State of Mexico.


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