Silvio Rodríguez pays homage to Pablo Milanés with the lyrics of ″Pablo″, an unpublished song | Cuba on DW | D.W.

“I met you tearing / the chest of death one day. / You didn’t know anything / and it was you who led it / by the hand”, reads the first verse of the song, with which Silvio Rodríguez pays tribute to the now deceased Pablo Milanés, and of which a home recording uploaded to YouTube in 2020 is known.

Both musicians performed songs popularly known as “El breve espacio en que no estas” as a duet and they came to produce a joint album, entitled “Cuba nueva trova”.

They represent the maximum exponent of the Cuban author’s song, which toured Latin America and the world during the early seventies.

However, they ended up having a personal and artistic distancing that was evidenced in recent decades through statements by both, in which they criticized each other for political disagreements with respect to the Cuban regime.

In 2011, Rodríguez dismissed in the same blog, Segunda cita, as “crude, heartless” and “without the slightest affective commitment” the way used by Milanés when recently speaking out about the Cuban reality, although he acknowledged that he coincided “with many of his critical judgments.

“I met you glued / to the wall of heaven / one day. / You were carrying / then / under your arm a / guajira / and walking, /walking”, ends the song whose lyrics Rodríguez has now uploaded, without further text, to his Blog.

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