Shakira’s son flees from Pique’s arms, showing who he really prefers

In a video recorded by fans of Shakira Y Piqueit has become clear which of the two parents the couple’s children prefer.

In the video, the parents of Sasha Y Milan They are enjoying the baseball game Milanbut each one apart from the other, in a corner was the singer cheering on her son and in the stands was the former Barcelona player.

Although it is not well known what their relationship is like in private, on this occasion they revealed that they do not get along at all well, since when the ex-couple arrived at the place they were seen to be very distant, and none of them greeted or addressed each other. word at any time.

And while Milan was playing his match, he is seen Sasha in the arms of his father, who gives him many kisses showing his love, however, his wishes for the little one to be with him came to nothing, since when Sasha He realizes where his mom is, quickly goes down the steps and into her arms.

When the boy looks for his mother, Shakira welcomes him with open arms and talks to him. What most attracts the attention of the fans who have seen the video is that the child seems to feel happier and more protected in his mother’s arms than with his father, demonstrating that the choice to give the Colombian custody was the best choice.

At the end of the game, each one went down to encourage each other. Milan separately, and then when they took the souvenir photo he is seen Pique in a corner, yeah Shakira in a different corner with Milanfar away from him. This being the first photograph of the couple after their official separation.

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