Reggie returns to WWE as SCRYPTS on NXT

During broadcasts of wwe nxt via USA Network, the fighter Reggie made his debut in the development territory as SCRYPTS.

This week’s episode at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida saw the highly anticipated debut of a new masked competitor. Fans quickly recognized the fighter as former 24/7 Champion Reggie. With his acrobatic skills, SCRYPTS defeated Guru Raaj before a chanting audience “reggie“cheering him.

Sidney King Bateman signed a contract with WWE in January 2020. At the end of that year, the Cirque du Solei acrobat appeared for the first time on SmackDown as “Reginald”. After getting involved in stories from the women’s division to the point of facing several women heads-up, the wrestler decided to go on to capture the 24/7 Championship under the short name Reggie. In the middle of this year, the fighter disappeared from programming after a story where he married and divorced Dana Brooke.

WWE registered the name SCRYPTS several weeks ago at the United States Patent Office. After a couple of weeks messaging the offices of the Performance Center, the mysterious being tasked with “destroying” NXT had his first manifestation of him outside of a pre-recorded segment on November 8. SCRYPTS presented his message on the arena screens suddenly.

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