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Imagine being narrating one of the most important sporting events such as the opening of a World Cup and, for one reason or another, you confuse a disabled person with an ape. Incredible as it may seem, this happened in Spain, where an announcer asked while live at Qatar 2022: “What is that, a monkey?”not knowing that it was a legless man leaning on his arms.

During the broadcast, one of the journalists asks: “How would you interpret what we are seeing right now in the stadium?”, to which his partner replies: “I don’t know if this is a monkey. Are you seeing the same thing as me? It’s a monkey, isn’t it?”. With disbelief and even a mocking laugh they tell him: “He is a person, even if it seems like a lie”to which the reckless announcer who made the mistake is limited to saying: “Oh, sorry!” and they reaffirm that he is “a man without legs”.

According to The Cantabrian Journal Already Catalonia Pressthis transmission is from the Spanish COPE chainpromptly from the program “Game time”to whom the unfortunate comments against the young man are attributed Ghanim al-Muftahwho participated in the Qatar 2022 opening ceremony.

Who is Ghanim al Muftah?

Ghanim al Muftah is a young man born with a disability in 2002 who accompanied the American actor Morgan Freeman at the opening of the World Cup in Qatar 2022. The boy is a well-known content creator on social media with more than three million followers and has a web page whose motto is “Nothing is impossible”, showing himself doing daily activities that many would think are improbable for someone in his condition.

Why doesn’t he have legs?

This young man suffers rare congenital disorder called Caudal Regression Syndrome which occurs when the lower part of the spine does not fully form, so he was born without the lower half of his body.

Despite this, it has exceeded all expectations and has become a goodwill ambassadorentrepreneur, motivational speaker and a student currently majoring in political science at a UK university.

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