Puerto Rican pediatricians elected members by the American Association of Pediatrics

The American Association of Pediatrics has recognized the work of these two great women and professionals, who will be allowed to train in Washington for one year.

In the image, from left to right, Dr. Yasmín Pedrogo and Dr. Débora Silva. Photo: Magazine of Medicine and Public Health.

Dr. Yasmín Pedrogo, Director of the Clinical Skills Center of the Medical Sciences Campus of Puerto Rico and Dr. Débora Silva, a professional from the Department of Pediatrics of the Medical Sciences Campuswere chosen by the American Pediatric Society as members of this organization.

Their initiation will be during the Convention of the Pediatric Academic Societies, which will be held in Washington, during the month of April 2023, and they will have a year of training where they will be able to continue expanding their knowledge, with which they will be able to return to Puerto Rico and apply what has been learned to benefit the pediatric community on the island.

Dr. Yasmín Pedrogo, an outstanding career

This professional, currently based in San Juan, in addition to being the current Director of the Center for Clinical Skills, has served as President of the Chapter of Puerto Rico of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Since her early days as a resident, and hard work spanning more than 20 years, her voice is heard powerfully on early childhood care and immunization issues.

Dr. Yasmín Pedrogo is a graduate of the School of Medicine of the University of Puerto Rico (2005), certified by the American Board of Pediatrics as a pediatrician and licensed in Pediatrics and Hospital Medicine by the same organization.

Dra. Débora Silva, trajectory of merit

For her part, Dr. Silva is a member of the Department of Pediatrics of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Puerto Ricograduated from the School of Medicine of Puerto Ricowhere today he plays an important role as associate professor and member of the Medical Sciences Campus of Puerto Rico.

Dr. Silva, who shared a powerful message about this achievement on her social networks, highlighting her contributions from medicine and the academy of Puerto Rico: “I rarely put a post about any achievement. I put this so that all those who think that staying in PR is limiting their future, see that it is not true. PR will be small but from here you can achieve a lot if you put effort into it and dedication”, the pediatrician shared on her personal Facebook account.

It also leaves a message to these future professionals, inviting them to continue believing in Puerto Rico: “I say to young people, when making the decision of where you are going to live, never rule out the wonderful place where you have had the privilege of growing up,” he says.

He concludes his publication, showing the pride he feels for this achievement and thanking the University of Puerto Rico and to Medical Sciences Campus of Puerto Rico: “They gave us the opportunities and opened the doors for us to reach what our careers are today. UPR product!”.

American Pediatric Society

The recognition of the two Puerto Rican doctors is special, since the medical organization is too strict and makes a filter based on the academic trajectory and the contribution made by those selected locally and globally, in order to carry out a year of residency where they will be able to learn and experience knowledge that allows revolutionizing medicine from its fields of action.

Pedrogo and Silva join a select group of Puerto Ricans, such as Dr. Marta Varcárcel (QEPD), Dr. José Cordero, Dr. Melvin Bonilla Félix, Dra. Luisa Alvarado, and Dra. Inés García, who in previous years have been selected and recognized with this distinction.

The organization was chartered during the latter part of the 19th century, in Washington, with the mission of “Shaping the future of academic pediatrics through the engagement of distinguished leaders in children’s health to represent the full diversity within the field,” as its official portal says.

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