Prensa Argentina sees Guillermo Ochoa as a “legend” and plays against Mexico as a final

In Argentina they recognize the level of Guillermo Ochoa and have a calculator in hand to play “a final” against Mexico, after the encounter with Saudi Arabia

Guillermo Ochoa has become synonymous with “legend”, “figure” and “icon” worldwide, among reporters from Argentinawhich continue in Qatar 2022 to albiceleste. One day after the archer of the Mexican team He stopped a penalty from Robert Lewandowski and a few days after the game against Lionel Scaloni’s team, plunged into a gloomy atmosphere.

“Memo, everyone knows what kind of goalie we are talking about. He showed it yesterday, with the penalty that saves Lewandowski, it seems to me that he is one of the mainstays of Mexico. Anyone who knows a lot about soccer, mentioning Guillermo Ochoa makes reference to Mexico”, comments Diego Morini, from the Argentine newspaper La Nación.

In Argentina Y Mexico They take out the calculator for the addition and subtraction of the results that give them the pass to the round of 16. After doing the numbers, in the Argentine press they coincide with the words of Emiliano Martínez, selected from the Albiceleste, their first final is being played, opposite to the already famous “easy, easy, easy”.

“I was left a bit with the words of the goalkeeper from Argentina, Emiliano Martínez, who says it will be the first final that the Albiceleste will play in this World Cup. I feel that there is internal and external confidence, for a reason he resisted 36 games without losing”, Jerónimo Granero, from the TÉLAM Agency of Argentina.

for the archer of Mexico there are only praises, they place him as Memo and assure that he is a “legend in the World Cups”. The América goalkeeper has become a key player for Gerardo Martino’s team, especially by saving the penalty that prevented the defeat against Poland.

“Argentines sometimes don’t see our rivals too much, it’s a problem. I am known as a great goalkeeper, five World Cups is not something minor and he saved Lewandowski’s penalty, like he gave a hand to what could come to him Argentina”. comments Martín Voogd, from Clarín in Argentina.

in the press of Argentina thank Mexico keep the tie to zero against Poland and they know that they risk their lives before the Mexican teamwhich they describe as “an uncomfortable team”.

“Yesterday’s defeat to Argentina It hurt a lot, because it was a solid team, but Mexico It is a good measure to be able to react. The luck he had is that Mexico tied with Poland yesterday and, somehow, puts the illusion high. If there were a winner, the situation would be more complex. They have to reach the last game with at least three points and that happens by defeating Mexico”, commented Ramiro Pantoroto, from Telefe.

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