Pablo Milanés: who was Miguel Enríquez, the Chilean who inspired the Cuban singer-songwriter for the emblematic song “I will step on the streets again”

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Miguel Enríquez (fourth from the right) at the funeral of Nilton da Silva

image source, Miguel Enriquez Foundation


Miguel Enríquez (fourth from the right) at the funeral of Nilton da Silva, a Brazilian assassinated in Chile in 1973

“I made this song on October 5, 1974, 20 or 30 minutes after Miguel Enríquez died in combat,” Pablo Milanés told a recital before singing “I will step on the streets again.”

“It’s the only one that took me 10 minutes to compose,” he told another event some time before.

The concert, at the Víctor Jara stadium in Santiago de Chile, was a tribute to the 30th anniversary of the death of the militant of the MIR (Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria), one of the armed groups that rose up against the military government of Augusto Pinochet ( 1973-1990).

Milanés, who died at dawn this Tuesday at the age of 79, continued that October 2004 by speaking of all the deaths of the Pinochet regime and his “sympathy” with the Mirista movement, one of the hardest hit by the repression that followed. the coup that overthrew socialist president Salvador Allende.

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