Mexican fans take advantage of the benefits of Qatar 2022Half time

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Qatar 2022 has benefits than others World Cups They had not presented, such as being able to be in two parties on the same day. That was well taken advantage of by several Mexicans who appeared in the double bill of the Group C.

First in the Lusail Stadium to see the debut of Argentina against Saudi Arabiaand later to 974 to support Mexico against PolandThis was the World Cup agenda of friends, Diego and Raúl.

“Quite happy, it’s our first World Cup, we’re here and we still haven’t dropped twenty,” said Diego.

The way to recognize their nationality had nothing to do with the shirt they were wearing or the language, but with the fishbowl sign they carried in their hands.

“Cuautitlán Izcalli 123”, “Ford Palomas”, it read.

In addition to Diego and Raúl, there were another couple of friends on this expedition.

“Our plan is to go to Mexico from here. From here we have to go to hell to watch the game against Poland. We have tickets for both”, added Raúl.

“Something rushed, but we have to go hard. Leaving, then, then we go to Mexico.”

Like Raúl and Diego, there were a large number of Mexicans at the Lusail Stadium who took advantage of the doubleheader in Dohaon a very hot morning in the world soccer capital.

Both Diego and Raúl admitted that they spent a lot of money on the trip, but they went to both games after being drawn by lots FIFA.

“Not until that, because we went out in the raffle and the tickets weren’t so bad. If we had bought on resale or at the end, they would have been more expensive, ”she commented.

“Yes, it ends up being a piece of wool, but not selling everything either.”

Outside the Lusail Stadium, many Mexicans singing and dancing, also taking advantage of the great atmosphere that Argentine fans provide at each World Cup.

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