Laura Flores cries for her husband who is seriously ill in the hospital

Laura Flores / Agency Mexico

Laura Flores / Mexico Agency

Laura Flores is going through one of the most difficult moments of her lifeas her husband Matthew Flannery, is admitted to a hospital in Miami, Florida, to cause of a rare disease that causes insufficiency, and whose treatment is very expensive.

“My husband is super sick, he is not in good health, In fact, it is not the first time since I married him more than three years ago, he has gone to the hospital on several occasions, this is not the first time, what happens is that on this occasion he is quite delicate ” , explained the actress in an interview for the program windowing

About the evil that afflicts her partner, the artist commented: “You suffer from a condition called Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disease, What does this mean? Your white blood cells are not enough, your body does not produce enough antibodies to fight against different diseases, infections or viruses. It’s something congenital, it’s something that runs in the familythe reason is unknown.”

Regarding the procedure with which her husband has been intervened, Laura recounted: “A medicine that is put as plasma to be able to raise this level of antibodies, so this plasma has to be put in once a month, the gamma globulin, which is what he gets, animal gamma globulin. Sometimes it is not enough, and it is a treatment that costs approximately 7 thousand dollars (just over 135 pesos) per month. Thank God in this case my husband has expense insurance”.

However, the bad news does not stop there, so Flores added: “Now the situation we are going through is that my husband has liver failurepancreatic insufficiency, and also a problem with the duodenum.”

But when talking about the state of mind he’s in right now, The interpreter burst into tears and with a broken voice commented: “Matthew always tells me that I am his strength… so he needs me…so i have to be strong for him… My children see him as a father image, although he is not their father and they know it. They don’t like to see Matthew down and extremely thin, weak.”

Finally, Laura Flores expressed the great anguish she is experiencing at this moment and expressed the great love she feels for her husband. “The truth is that for the first time a truly good man comes into my life, and I don’t want to lose him,” he concluded.

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