Journalist helped an Argentine fan in Qatar who was lost: “I don’t know where I live”

Photo: video capture Twitter vía @todonoticias

During a live broadcast of Argentina’s Todo Noticias channel on November 21, a journalist approached a fan from her country who was in trouble, unable to contact a Qatari taxi driver to take him to the venue in the one who was staying.

The communicator spoke with the driver and he explained that he needed the location to put it on the map, so he then asked his compatriot: “Did you give him the address?”, and his response was hilarious: “I don’t know where I live . I’m staying with you, I’m not going to leave. I’m afraid, I don’t have the address, I don’t have anything. I did everything wrong today.”

Both the reporter and the drivers in the studio began to laugh and one of them commented: “how beautiful this moment is.”

“He has cushions, but he doesn’t have my address, he’s a genius,” the fan continued, to which the reporter questioned him about how he had given her directions, and he recounted: “I sit down and tell him: ‘pipi, take me to my house’”, to which the woman asked him if he was in Spanish, to which he said: “I don’t know English, stupid, if I knew English I would be in Miami”.

The reporter offered to help him, she saw her compatriot’s address and approached the driver to explain it to him and he asked her to send it to him via WhatsApp; While registering, the driver waved towards the camera and told them that Argentina would win, an omen that did not come true.

Already with the number, the woman asked the fan for the address, who did not know how to give it to her, so she took her phone to get it. In the videos shared by TN itself, the outcome is not seen, however, local media assure that the man left in the taxi with the certainty of arriving at his lodging.


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