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When we go to the supermarket, not all consumers check expiration dates, but some do. There are those who go further and verify their components or, their curiosity makes them check a component of their product. Another situation is when Profeco issues recommendations not to consume a certain product due to failures or contamination so as not to cause further damage and it is withdrawn from the market. In Durango it just happened with an apparently “safe” drug.

Bupivacaine is a long-acting local anesthetic and is used for spinal anesthesia indicated for procedures on the lower extremities and perineum. Also in interventions in the lower abdomen, normal vaginal delivery, cesarean section and reconstructive surgery of the lower extremities.

It is a “battle” drug because its use is very frequent in hospitals because it is used in the most frequent surgeries in all shifts in all hospitals, however no one imagined that any batch was contaminated.

The patients (female) were presenting with headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting up to seizures that were difficult to control without any other apparent cause or risk factors. It was not a complication of their condition nor did they have risk factors for this problem, but they all had something in common: the administration of the medication. Therefore, one of the lines of investigation is that this lot was contaminated.

Once the unusual outbreak of meningitis in the State of Durango was notified, actions were taken by epidemiology and the Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risks of the State of Durango (Coprised), sent an urgent circular to hospitals and doctors. Circular where it asks to refrain from using Buvacaina Pesada drugs, lot. No. B22M142 and B22E872, this due to the adverse reactions presented.

In addition, immediately notify the State Center for Pharmacovigilance and Technovigilance in Durango in case of any adverse reaction observed.

Regarding this health risk and the fear of pregnant women in Durango, who are about to be treated, the Governor specified that the registered cases are women treated in private hospitals during the months of July and August, in this sense, there must be peace of mind for future mothers, since the drug from the apparently contaminated batch had already been withdrawn from the units.

Later it was reported that the drug bupivacaine, which was used in patients of the entity who underwent surgeries and subsequently had symptoms of aseptic meningitis (inflammation of tissues that cover the brain and spinal cord) was already withdrawn from the market, the company reported. PiSA pharmaceutical.

They specified that the batches of bupivacaine that they distributed here and in other entities are already immobilized, after what was reported by the Durango Health Secretariat.

On November 10, the head of the Secretary of Health of Durango, explained that the results of various laboratories of the Health Sector and the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubirán detected that the cause of the infections of said disease was due to a fungus; but investigations are still ongoing.

The number of cases reached 42 patients and three deaths. Most of the cases were detected in private hospitals where surgeries of various types were carried out, including cesarean deliveries, whose patients underwent a blockade with contaminated bupivacaine. But they clarified that to date they have not received information from users from other states or countries on suspected adverse events or pharmacovigilance notifications associated with these or other batches of drugs for anesthetic use in the year.

It is important to mention that a drug of this type is always, except for these cases, safe for the patient due to the type and route of administration (invasive). Surveillance in the face of these events was timely and action was taken as soon as possible to contain the damage. caused, unfortunate for the patients as well as for the health personnel involved.

Let’s hope that the laboratory takes responsibility for this type of situation where now, yes: “the scorpion left Durango”.

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