He cut short Luis García’s career, now he loses his life in the middle of the World Cup

He cut short the career of Dr. García, he lost his life
He cut short the career of Dr. García, he lost his life

Just like Hugo Sanchezwho broke into Europe to make the leap in quality, Dr. Luis Garcia Postigo He followed the path to have a new destiny and be Hugo’s heir. With more technical capacity, with more sports argument, the Dr was a great player.

But in Dr’s career, in addition to the issue of racism and the problems that were experienced in Spain and that Hugo and Luis García himself experienced them, since they also had to face other problems that arise in this context.

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It is that Dr. García also had to face managers who preferred Spanish players, just for that reason, instead of giving a chance to the talent and ability that the Mexican athlete could demonstrate in thel Atlético de Madrid, now one of those who truncated the Dr, lost his life.

Who truncated Dr. Garcia and lost his life?

According to the official report from Atlético de Madrid, the vice president of Atlético de Madrid, Lazaro Albarracín, lost his life at the age of 93. The manager, in the 1992-1993 season, was in charge of the training part and promoted the game with nationals, so Dr. was one of those who suffered at Atlético.

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