Four Mexican fans with problems after the game against Poland

Qatar 2022

The Secretary of Foreign Relations reported that there were four Mexicans with various problems at the end of the game between Mexico and Polandwhich were attended by the Qatar-Mexico office.

Vanessa Calva Ruiz, general director of consular protection of the SRE, pointed out that the cases, all matters of a minor nature, were satisfactorily resolved. It is known that there were people arrested for drinking too much alcohol, which was detected at the exit of stadium 974.

Another person was placed under surveillance because he was found with too many tickets in his possession, which ultimately turned out to be for his family. And it is known that another Mexican was arrested for carrying too much cash, according to reports.

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The position of the SRE was as follows: “Update-the 4 cases were resolved satisfactorily; we provided timely follow-up and maintained constant communication with authorities and people. Thanks to the consular team for their work, we remain vigilant in case they require assistance.” .

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