FIFA does not want Mexico to continue in the World Cup, the 3 billion that confirm the issue

The 3 billion for which FIFA wants Mexico out
The 3 billion for which FIFA wants Mexico out

It is true, a goal is missing, but you also have to understand that soccer is a business and that is how it is seen in Doha, where the Mexican fan filled hotels, entertainment centers and even the stage itself, the 974.

But there is a case behind that also makes him put his hand to Mexico in this World Cup event and that can leave him out of the World Cup. It is that there were two sporting actions that were not whistled in the game against Poland.

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The first, a handball from a defender, the second, on the following play, a criminal foul committed against Hirving Lozano, but that FIFA preferred not to pass. The case also goes through the economic issue, since the organizers have Argentina as one of those who will stay until the final, but they found a plan b, on the economic issue, which would generate more income, even than the Mexican fans.

What fan is plan B to fill FIFA with money?

In the streets of Doha thousands and thousands of tourists from Saudi Arabia, who crossed the border to see their country and after what happened with Argentina, well, people now consider staying longer. According to the report of the Federal Ministry of Qatar, a profit of 36 billion dollars is expected, only for the tourism issue. Therefore, the more people stay, the better it suits the organizers and therefore, it is convenient for them to dispatch quickly to Mexico.

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