Crime once again targets tortilla shops in Zihuatanejo

Chilpancingo.— Presumed members of a criminal organization burned down a tortilla shop in Zihuatanejo, on the Costa Grande of Guerrero, because the owner refused to pay the extortion that they demanded.

Entrepreneurs from the dough and tortilla industry in Zihuatanejo denounced, through social networks, that for 15 days a criminal organization that operates in that municipality has been demanding the payment of a fee. Faced with this situation, they request the intervention of the authorities.

In a video that was recently released, a man can be seen arriving at a tortilla shop and asking the manager to send him tortillas. He even notes that he leaves a coin.

While the worker is weighing the tortillas, the man enters the business and takes a Molotov cocktail out of a backpack, which he lights and throws at the machinery.

The offender and the worker run out of the premises. Then the employee returns to take something from the counter.

In the hands of exotsionadores

Throughout this year, different sectors of Zihuatanejo have been under the yoke of extortion.

Last June, some 50 tortilla shops closed for three days after receiving death threats from a criminal group that demanded they pay a fee.

Public transport was later suspended for the same reason. Against them there were attacks, even assassinations.

Then they closed a house for the sale of construction materials. The latest was the closure of 23 Oxxo stores in Zihuatanejo and Petatlán, a neighboring municipality.

Currently the municipality of Apaxtla is in crisis. The security of the municipality was taken over by a self-defense group, because the residents denounced that a criminal group imposed extortion and price control of basic products.

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