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After earning a draw against Poland thanks to a monumental save by Memo Ochoa, who became man of the match by saving Robert Lewandowski’s penalty, The Mexican National Team has the open road to get the ticket to the round of 16 Qatar 2022, even as first place.

Next Saturday, Argentina and Mexico will collide in a match in which one of the two could have one foot outside of the World Cup and here We tell you what are the combinations that the Aztec set needs to advance to the next round.

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What does Mexico need to advance to the next round of Qatar 2022?

After the first day of Group C of the Qatar 2022 World Cup ended, the Mexican National Team was placed in third position from the sector with one point, so they still have several possible combinations to qualify for the next phase.

The first and easiest is to win their next two matches to Argentina and Saudi Arabia, since with these two victories he would reach seven points and would qualify directly for the next round, without depending on anyone.

Another combination would be for the next to win and draw, but with the need that Argentina and Poland lose one and Saudi Arabia lose and draw one.

On the other hand, If the Albiceleste and the Europeans fall in their next commitments and Mexico and Saudi Arabia win, it could advance, but it would require a favorable goal difference, since the South Americans would be eliminated with two defeats and would only aspire to three points, while Robert Lewandowski’s team would end with one point and the obligation to beat Argentina in their last match waiting for the score final.

Other results that would suit Mexico would be to defeat Argentina, with which it would be practically eliminated and that Poland and Saudi Arabia draw. With this result, the Aztec team would add four points, the same as the Arabs, and would force Poland to beat the Albiceleste by a better goal difference to stay in second place on the last date.

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Another alternative would be for Saudi Arabia to get its second consecutive victory against Poland and that Mexico beat Argentina. With this pair of results, Mexico would reach four points and the Arabs 6, while Poland would be left with 1 point and Argentina would be eliminated with 0 points.

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