Client takes 37 thousand pesos from Sears for promoting El Buen Fin; Profeco intervenes

A woman could get up to 37 thousand pesos from the store Sears of Santa Fe due to a promotion of The good end since according to the clientthe store did not honor a discount published in the establishment during this weekend.

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In fact, the Sears store customer indicated that this discount amounts to 37,000 pesos, which is why the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (prophecy) has already intervened in the matter.

According to the first reports, the Sears store in Santa Fe charged the buyer 75 thousand 999 pesos for the total cost of the laundry center LG brand, model WK22856.

For this reason, the Sears store customer argued that she had to contact Profeco because she was already a payment improper because he only had to pay 38 thousand 999 pesos as announced in the Good End.

At this, the woman recognized the intervention from the Profeco authorities before the Sears store in Santa Fe, so the end of the story ended well since the client recovered the 37,000 pesos that were initially offered as a discount.

For this reason, the affected party affirmed that thanks to the intervention of Profeco in the Sears store in Santa Fe they gave him the “discount of 37 thousand pesos. They didn’t want to make it valid, but it was done.”

Customer and Sears store, case of the Good End

In turn, Profeco warned that the offers that the stores promise and therefore asked that they be clear in the promotions and discounts with which the merchandise is labeled.

It should be noted that this occurs in the midst of El Buen Fin that takes place from November 18 to 21, for which more than 500,000 companies registered, according to the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism.

In turn, Profeco explained that they received 72 complaints during this Friday, November 18; However, only three stores take a large part of these, since they accumulate up to now 56 of the claims.

This is Walmart, who has 40 complaints; Sam’s Club, a store that has 13 of the claims and Bodega Aurrerá with 3; In addition, the entities in which there have been the most problems are Mexico City, the State of Mexico and Jalisco.

While the main reasons for the claims were purchase cancellation, non-compliance with offers or promotions and the delivery of the wrong product, in purchases of toys, video games and computers.

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