Chumel Torres looks for Scotiabank from Qatar

  • In 2021, more than 40 percent of adults made payments to retailers in stores or online.

  • In Mexico, the number of Internet banking users has been constantly increasing in recent years.

  • Currently, three quarters of adults have a bank account.

Complaints and bad consumer experience is one of the most recurring topics on social networks. It is the recent case of influencers Mexican Chumel Torres, who used his Twitter account to denounce from Qatar the malfunction of Scotiabank’s telephone banking, assuring that he has been dead for days, so he has not been able to carry out his operations.

When we talk about technology in various industries, we cannot fail to mention the use of online banking, which has become the best tool for people around the world. According to data from a study of the Banco de México, with the increase in the use of information technologies in the finance area, the use of banking services has been increasingly concentrated in digital platforms.

In Mexico, the number of Internet banking users has been constantly increasing in recent years, where between 2010 and 2020, The number of people making transfers online, according to data from the last quarter of each year, increased by almost 42 million users.

In this sense, the Covid-19 pandemic has stimulated financial inclusion, which generated a large increase in the adoption of digital payments in the context of a global expansion of formal financial services. According to Global Findex data, as of 2021, 76 percent of adults worldwide had an account at a bank, other financial institution, or through a mobile money provider, marking an increase relative to the 68 percent that was registered in 2017.

Chumel Torres looks for Scotiabank from Qatar

Like other consumers, the influencers Mexican, Chumel Torres, went to his Twitter account, to make a public complaint against the Scotiabank bank.

The youtuber requested that the banking institution improve the service and operation that they provide to their users in telephone banking, ensuring that they have wanted to call each other for hours and have been dead for more than 8 hours.

Also, the influencerswhich has more than three million followers on Twitter, points out that all these operations He does them from the Middle East, so he urges someone to answer him.

Given his public complaint, the tweet has received various comments from other people who took advantage of complaining against the same bank, or even other institutions.

In that context, The Merca2.0 team, seeking to give both parties a voice, requested the brand position from Scotiabank, but so far we have not received a response to the complaint from the influencers.

It is not the first time that public figures and content creators use their social networks to make a public complaint against a brand, remember that last week an OnlyFans model denounced on TikTok having lost her savings in Citibanamex and all after trying to buy a Gucci jacket of 90 thousand pesos.

And this is how bad practices in the consumer experience can generate a great debate on social networks, That is why brands must solve these types of complaints more quickly, thus improving their dealings with their users.

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