Chiquis Rivera reveals her perfection in mini shorts at her concert

The singer Chiquis Rivera paused her tour for a while “Queen beeDue to certain things related to her work, however, a few days ago she just resumed it, making an appearance in several cities in the United States, ready to delight her fans with her voice.

Now the american celebrity It is not only pleasing to the ear, but also to the eye, as she always presents herself in incredible outfits that completely accentuate her new silhouette and she does not miss the opportunity to show that she feels very comfortable in her own skin.

The best friends of Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter are the tight jumpsuits, they emphasize her narrow waist, highlighting her maddening curves, accompanied by a long trench coat that is mostly stuffed animal, with a well-successful hat, since her gender gravitates to the regional mexican.

On the other hand, Chiquis Rivera She did not know that mini shorts would soon be her incredible allies, she impressed those present with the flirtatious outfit with which she showed off during her concert, it would be mini shorts that would leave an incredible view of the singer perfectly.

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Under that tiny and flirtatious garment, she would wear incredible fishnet stockings, with high black boots hugging her thighs, on top a shirt with the letters “Queen bee“It is a black and gold style, like bees and to add more style, black glasses.

On stage while performing his show, he made some flirtatious movements that caused screams of emotion from his fans who were present, this time Chiquis Rivera She put the hats aside and let her long brown hair loose.

The 37-year-old singer last weekend was present at the Latin Grammy Awards, making an incredible appearance on stage and as if that were not enough, she took home her first recognition from that ceremony that recognizes Latin music.

The album “Queen Bee” has brought much success to the artist’s musical career, as she has earned several nominations, she is on tour, attending many award ceremonies.

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