Carlos Loret de Mola: The spoiled nephews of the Navy

Once again in the Government of those who were going to be different, a history of nepotism, influence peddling and corruption is revealed, which has reached high levels in the Secretary of the Navy. First-hand sources of the Secretariat have denounced a plot that operates with the knowledge of officials at all levels. The corruption network is managed by the nephews-in-law of Secretary Admiral Rafael Ojeda, that is, the sons of his sister-in-law. The first is Rear Admiral Roberto Farías Laguna, who works as private secretary to Undersecretary Arellano Ruiz, and they tell us that he operates the Undersecretary as his own. The second, recently promoted to rear admiral, is Fernando Farías Laguna.

According to these sources, the brothers are in charge of making decisions about the exercise of the budget, and they also have an influence on promotions, promotions, attaché offices, and commissions.

Regarding the exercise of the budget, they have as operating arms, under their control, the areas of acquisitions, works, dredging, construction and supplies, port administration, port development, as well as the projects of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec corridor, using one of the darlings of this administration: direct assignments. With this room for maneuver, they have distributed large contracts to companies and businessmen in Guaymas, Sonora, the home state of the Farías. The list includes a very significant number of investment projects for the port of Guaymas which, until now, have not been classified as strategic nor were they part of the federal government’s list of priority projects.

As if that were not enough, on November 20, President López Obrador authorized the proposal for promotions of various naval ranks. “Coincidentally” there are many of the heads and collaborators of the areas of exercise of the budget that would be under the command of the Farías brothers. One of them, the brand new Rear Admiral Carlos Alberto Gómez Martínez, who served as general director of Port Development and Administration, precisely in charge of investment in infrastructure through public and private financing sources, and who is now mentioned as general director of Merchant Marine . But Fernando Farías stands out, who, according to what sources tell me, has been promoted twice in four years and today is a rear admiral. He already knows: nepotism is over and privileges are over.

This episode in the Navy is embedded in something much bigger: this government has allowed the Armed Forces margins of discretion, political action and historical financial control. One of the consequences of the lack of vigilance, counterweights, transparency and accountability is that the corruption of money has contaminated the institutions most respected and loved by Mexicans.


While the head of government sang México Lindo y Querido in the capital and they charged the star band for having lent themselves to supporting her campaign, the foreign minister was happy in Qatar. Memes, tiktoks, selfies and videos. He already knows that today are campaign tours (disguised) charged to the treasury.


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