Will Christian Nodal and Cazzu have a wedding? Ring causes controversy

In the midst of various controversies, the singer and his partner, Cazzu, are enjoying their relationship to the fullest and everything seems to be going smoothly, and even the possibilities of a wedding began to revolve around Christian Nodal after a ring was caught on cameras.

Suspicions are focused on the “regional Mexican artist”, who recently won in the category of “Best Ranchera-Mariachi Music Album” by EP #1 Forajido at the Latin Grammy 2022 and his partner, the artist, Julieta Emilia Cazzuchelli, better known as “Cazzu”.

Since the beginning of their relationship, Christian Nodal and the interpreter of Latin trap, hip hop and reggaeton have unleashed theories of a wedding, particularly after visiting a very popular temple in that town where the “mariacheño” He expressed at that moment “that he would like to get married there.”

Although it is not the first time that these rumors have arisen in the five-month relationship that the interpreter of “Goodbye Love“and the musical director, a detail once again aroused suspicions about the upcoming wedding of the artists.

It was the “originally from Fraile, Pintado” who sparked the controversy through her Instagram account where she shared an image that raised suspicions about a possible marriage proposal.

In addition to this, the followers of the interpreter’s girlfriend of songs like “Goodbye Love“, “Bottle after bottle”, among others, started a whole war of comments and opinions regarding the relationship between the two, recalling some of the moments in the past courtship of Nodal and Belinda.

A diamond ring captured on the index finger of Cazzu’s right hand, although tradition dictates that the engagement ring goes on the left hand, this did not prevent the image from taking center stage.

And it is that the too “composer” seems to be the woman who has made Christian Nodal’s life much better and who inspires him, something he himself expressed in his message after being awarded.

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In the midst of thanking some of his colleagues, the label, fans, etc., Christian Jesús González Nodal did not fail to mention the importance of the “Trap Girl” in his life.

To my love, to Julieta, thank you for restarting my life and for making me love the awards, were the words of the famous 23-year-old.

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