VIDEOS | She is the Oxxo cashier who made an impact by revealing what she does secretly in the bathroom

An Oxxo cashier originally from zacatecasin addition to raising the temperature in each video uploaded through his TikTokexplained the reasons why sometimes no one attends the cash register, which is why it has gone viral, since it is a question that all Mexicans who have lined up in this convenience store have asked themselves while they wait.

Likewise, the fame of this young woman has grown like foam because many users of this chinese social network, They comment that no one has treated them as they do; always in a good mood and with something new to tell.

“La Culombiana” has more than 20,000 followers on TikTok. Photo: @Laculombiana

Nancy Caldera, better known as “La Culombiana”, works at the convenience store of the Fomento Económico Mexicano SAB de CV (FEMSA) chain, who has become popular by watching videos that are trending during her work hours, infecting with their joy and showing part of their day to day in the establishment located somewhere in the capital of Zacatecas.

Oxxo mystery solved

Through his TikTok profile at @coulombianthe now influencer answered the question that many users have asked: “Why is no one answering at the Oxxo?”

And it is that through a video that the young woman revealed this mystery, with several actions that take time to leave the bathroom, dance while accommodating the merchandise in the warehouse or sweep the establishment to the rhythm of “Before dead than simple” of the Horoscopes de Durango, taking his best steps and showing that he knows how to move his hips while working.

La Culombiana has gone viral on TikTok Photo: Special

“Now I understand everything”, “We already know why the music is at full volume in the cellar”, “It’s very funny, enjoy your work”, were some of the comments that users made in the comment box without bothering with the young lady behind the cash register for having fun while serving customers.

“The Coulombion” it’s not the only one oxxo cashier that has stood out in the chain founded in New Lionsince more than a dozen of these working women have gone viral mainly for their beauty or their daring dances that are on the trending topic.


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