They murder a taxi driver, in Xalapa; The woman who accompanied him escaped unharmed.

This noon the taxi driver was shot to death when he was driving in one of the streets of the Casa Blanca neighborhood of this capital; the assassins managed to escape.

The attack happened when Pedro Pablo Komul Amaya was driving the Nissan rental car number XL-4981 on Ingeniero Elías Lizardi street in the aforementioned neighborhood, which leads to the Casa Blanca lagoon.

According to reports, in that section a bench-colored vehicle was paired with him from where they began to shoot at the taxi driver.

Due to the wounds caused by the bullets, the ruletero lost control of the car and collided with a CFE pole.

The hitmen fled the scene and the taxi driver was left lifeless inside the rental car. Meanwhile, residents of the area immediately reported the events to the 911 telephone number, which gave rise to the mobilization of different police forces.

When the Public Security paramedics arrived to check the taxi driver, they confirmed his death.

Public Security and the Municipal Police activated the Red Code in search of the murderers without having been located so far.

Personnel from the Prosecutor’s Office and Expert Services arrived at the place to take notice, and when they were checking the interior of the taxi, they found next to the taxi driver’s body a name tag in the name of Pedro Pablo Komul Amaya, which identifies him as an announcer and reporter and as responsible for the page Facebook AX – Multimedia.

According to the profile Pedro Pablo Komul Amaya, he had more than 10 complaints of family violence, in the State Prosecutor’s Office.

At the time of the attack he was accompanied by a woman who said she was his partner who was unharmed.

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