They finish off Martha Debayle for a daring look with transparencies… even the taxi driver turned around!

  • The driver even drew the attention of a taxi driver who was driving behind her when she was photographed.
  • In recent months, Martha has become the target of all kinds of criticism.
  • It is not the first time that they judge the height of their shoes, but this time it was not the central issue.

Martha debayle It has become the target of all kinds of criticism for a few months and it seems that it will continue to do so. First, the day the queen passed away Isabel IIlast September, the host was a topic of conversation on the internet and television when she broke down in tears on her radio show, sent her condolences to the British royal family and said that one of her daughters called the monarch “granny”.

After, martha He stirred up the networks for wearing an outfit that kim kardashian It had already worn months ago. It was a long dress created by the famous designer rick owens, made in one piece, with metallic fabric and a daring symmetrical neckline. However, the Mexican businesswoman did not convince users for “copying” kardashians, and even, for looking “g*rda”. And it is precisely her clothes that he put her back in the eye of the hurricane this weekend.

This Sunday, she shared a series of photos on her social networks in which she is seen wearing shoes with pronounced platforms and thin heels, which to a certain extent is quite common for her, since it is well known that she likes high and extravagant shoes. . Her theme was that she accompanied them with lycra pants (leggings) and suggestive transparencies that go from the ankle to the pelvic area, which immediately divided the opinions of thousands of her followers.

This is the dress for which she recently received criticism, since Kim Kardashian used it months before

Martha has always declared herself a fashion lover and she shows it

While some commented that her shoes were a reflection of height complexes, there were those who went all out for these leggings. “My eyes hurt”, “you dressed the same as Sulivan’s”, “Oh what a look”, are some of the phrases that could be read in the publication of the driver, who seemed to be walking through the streets of New York .

Before the transparencies, the businesswoman received bad comments for going to the supermarket "very fashionable"

It is not the first time that the host wears tight clothing, but this time the look did not convince her fans

The truth is that, for better or for worse, Martha debayle once again drew the attention of locals and strangers with her daring outfit, so much so that even a man who was traveling in a car behind her turned to look at her while they were taking her photo. The nice expression of what seems to be a taxi driver was also the topic of conversation among the fans of the driver, who did not stop mentioning it and writing laughing emoticons about it.

Even the taxi driver in the back turned to see her

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