They accuse Ricardo Salinas of false Good End; reply from Qatar

  • Inside of the “Global State of Customer Service Report 2017” the effectiveness of English was measured worldwide.

  • Ricardo Salinas is considered by Forbes as one of the richest men in Mexico.

  • During the Good End, complaints on social networks have lamented bad labeling and promotions, which they denounce, represent high price tactics.

A complaint against the promotion of The good end of Elektra was answered by Ricardo Salinas since Tastedestination where he went to witness the World Cup event held in that region.

The employer’s response to a complaint about poor service highlights the role that social networks play in customer service, making this a habit that is increasingly prevailing in the market.

When it was carried out study “Global State of Customer Service Report 2017”within the document it was found how effective the social media channel was to carry out customer service.

On that occasion, only 47 percent considered that it was an effective channel, against 53 percent who ruled out social networks as an effective method to carry out this attention that the consumer requires.

“The survey shows customer opinion on the effectiveness of social media for customer service in the United States and around the world in 2017. During the survey, 39 percent of respondents in the United States stated that believes that social networks are an effective channel for customer service”, explains Statista in the personalized analysis he made of this projection.

A false Good End

With an insult, the owner of Elektra, Ricardo Salinasbegan to respond in the form of customer service from Qatar, to a consumer who criticized him for showing the same product but with different prices, assuring that due to dates taken and verified his store offered false Good End promotions.

After making his point, the billionaire replied, assuring him that the original price was the same in both cases, only that the promotion varied in those situations.

The samples taken to networks question the price of a Mabe washing machine, which in an image appears with an original price of 20,299 pesos, but with a cost of 14,999 pesos in cash payment at that time and in the other promotion it appears the same washing machine, with the same original price, but with a cash price of 17 thousand 999 pesos.

It is important to recognize that store employees even warn about promotional dynamics, recognizing that in some cases these are promotions that change daily, so they cannot guarantee that the discounted price of one day will be maintained the next day.

Given these actions, it ends up being relevant for the consumer to understand what marketing is about and how a simple network complaint should be addressed, especially in the face of eventualities such as the Good End.

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