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If you want to improve your skills you will have to solve a couple of riddles a day, with this you will be able to complete your training and delay neurodegenerative wear and tear, you can complement today’s exercise with other mental or logical riddles such as word searches, search challenges or of errors.

If you are ready to solve this riddle made by Cool Guru You will have to be extremely fast, compare your time with that of other people. Make sure you get the win and break the social media record time.

The rules are very easy, look at the following worksheet that shows the series of a specific number, between the rows and columns of the illustration there is a hidden number that does not correspond to the series, you will have to find it in the shortest possible time.


Photo: Cool Guru

Time is over and with it today’s challenge, although you should not finish your training, you should continue to strengthen the brain and maintain neuronal plasticity.

If you finally managed to meet the goal, let us know how long it took you to find the number.

On the other hand, in case you will not achieve success, do not despair because it is a visual challenge where you can win or lose, do not miss that opportunity and your time has been well invested because you managed to stimulate your brain and improve your skills, so In the same way, with this type of challenge you will be able to improve your decisions, gain experience and take more practice.


Photo: Cool Guru

Finally, we recommend you participate in other riddles visuals in the morning, afternoon or night. It is ideal that you opt for this type of hobby to kill your spare time or leisure, you will notice how time flies by and your skills are enhanced every day.

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