The team that has $100 million to keep Justin Verlander from returning to the Houston Astros with Altuve


According to a reporter covering MLB, there is a dream team for Justin Verlander in the Major Leagues other than the Houston Astros. He Has $100 Million in the Major Leagues!

Justin Verlander with Astros in 2022
© Bob Levey/Getty ImagesJustin Verlander with Astros in 2022

just finished the 2022 World Series, Jim Crane, owner of Houston Astrosmade it clear who would be the first player to call to return to the team for the 2023 MLB season: Justin Verlander is a big part of that. Hopefully we can keep it for next year. My first call tomorrow will be to him, to see what he wants to do.”

But… Wait a minute! It won’t be as easy as it seems. After winning the 2022 American League Cy Young Award, Verlander revealed that he has not advanced negotiations to return to the Astros and there are other teams interested in his services. New York Metsone of these franchises the big leagues.

According to Ken Rosenthal, from The Athletic portal, the Mets have already started talks with Justin Verlander, who would be asking for a contract for three seasons and a salary of $130 million dollars. However, for an expert, neither the New York team nor the Houston Astros is the perfect destination for the 2022 American League Cy Young Award.

MLB Network’s Jon Morosi posed the narrative that the New York Mets would have to make the decision to go for Verlander or Jacob deGrom. It would be one of the two even if they have several million dollars on the table. In the event that the chosen one is deGrom, the star pitcher of the Astros in Major League Baseball 2022 would have an ideal destination in Los Angeles.

The team that has US$100 million so that Verlander does not return to the Astros in the MLB

The Los Angeles Times portal stated that dodgers they have a $100 million cap space after Justin Turner and Cody Bellinger became free agents. One more argument in favor for Jon Morosi’s theory to gain strength. The Californian team would be the ideal destination for Justin Verlander. Won’t you go back to Houston Astros?

“Even with the resources the Mets have, it would be amazing if they get Jacob deGrom and Justin Verlander. It’s probably one or the other. Other than that, throughout the market in National League teams, while the Mets are interested, I think the idea of ​​Verlander on the Dodgers is probably better coming to the Mets. Verlander has a home in Los Angeles and makes a lot of sense in how the Dodgers structure their contracts with more veteran players. I like the way Verlander sounds on the Dodgers,” said Jon Morosi of MLB Network.

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