The reasons why Meghan Markle prohibits Prince Harry from approaching the royal family

Meghan Markle has become the most controversial member of royalty, since she and her husband, the prince harrydecided to renounce all their rights as members of the royal family two years ago after some disagreements with the late Queen isabel II and the current King Charles III.

Much has been said about the attitude of the Pprince harry towards the royal family, since he even decided to reveal several secrets about his childhood and family in a book for which he was paid millions of dollars, but a theory has emerged that explains why he has to act this way.

It may also interest you: Prince Harry arrived alone at Pearl Harbor, the separation of the couple would be close. Here the details.

People ask themselves a question… What if behind all the discussions that exist between the Pprince harry and his family, is there his wife?, an American actress, who, according to British media reports, is the one who forced Harry to protest against his family, as there are reports that Meghan He is an aggressive and manipulative person with Harry.

Another reason may be because Harry and his wife Meghan overheard a conversation between Queen isabel II and the new King Charles IIIwhere they talked about the child the couple was expecting, wondering what color their baby would be, since Meghan is of Nigerian descent and has slightly dark skin.

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