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In full return from the “bridge of November 20”, more than 800 teachers from the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) caused the closure of circulation on the Mexico-Cuernavca Highway to the take the Tlalpan collection plaza.

Teachers took the lanes in both directions and they requested 50 pesos from motorists.

With these manifestations add three days of protests to demand the Federal Government to install the national dialogue table with the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and among other requests such as a permanent basification program.

At what height is the closure of the Mexico-Cuernava Highway?

The line extended several kilometers in the lanes from south to north of the Mexico-Cuernavaca Highway with the presence of the protesters before the closure of the road from kilometer 53 at the height of the town of Tres Marías.

El Capufe asked the population to take precautions and opt for the alternative route that is the free highway.

The teachers who are also called CETEG, have carried out blocks for up to five hours on the Autopista del Sol near El Polvorín, in Cuernavaca; there they held a rally in the Plaza de Armas of the Zócalo of the capital, later the caravan moved to the municipality of Huitzilac, where they spent the night.

On Saturday they again took a bus to the Tlalpan toll plaza and blocked the southbound lanes, causing rows for more than 70 kilometers, which could also be noticed on the second floor. Among the actions they also carried out was extract diesel from company cargo vehicles and ask motorists for cooperation.

Do other bridges remain in the year?

It is expected that next Friday, November 25, students will participate in the meeting of the School Technical Council, meetings that are usually held in the last Friday of each month.

The rest dates that follow are the end-of-year holidays.

It is arranged that the last day of classes be next December 16. From that date, the country’s students will have 2 weeks off. The return to school date in 2023 is next Monday, January 2.

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