Selena Quintanilla leaks photos of her autopsy, very sad

The singer Selena Quintanilla, much loved for her incredible songs, managed to conquer the hearts of her fans with her sweet voice, she died at the age of 23 due to a bullet impact she suffered, shot by a woman who called herself her fan, the President of her fan club.

Many theories have been created by this event, trying to find a slightly darker background, currently there are many conspiracy theories about this terrible event that ended the life of the Tex-Mex songwriter, Well, a great mystery surrounds the reason why it happened.

March 31 is the day they decided to put an end to the “queen of tejano music“, from the year 1995, only 23 years old, she was such a beloved artist that several films have even been created in her honor, the most famous being played by Jennifer Lopez and the bioseries he did Netflix.

Now, many images have been going around the internet, about the injuries he suffered selena quintanillathere are much cruder photos but they are terribly heartbreaking, since you can see a totally different woman than she was when she was alive.

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The photos that are available on the Twitter platform are usually a little more explicit, but those found on Facebook even show part of the outfit that the young singer wore on the day the event occurred, causing immense sadness among the fans.

CLICKING HERE you can see the photo.

A black cap, dirty white tennis shoes, occurred at the Days Inn hotel, as they say he entered the lobby, dying, asking for help, when the doors of this place were reopened, more than 500 people entered to take pictures and see what they could find about the case.

Without a doubt, the most impressive photo of selena quintanilla It is when he is on the table in the morgue, because his lifeless face is extremely sad, it looks dull, it is obvious that he is no longer there, taking into account how joking he could be during all his tours.

Selena Quintanilla photos of her autopsy leak, very sad | photo: Twitter

It is rumored that she spent her time joking with her work team, having an incredible time, playing, always brightening the day of the people around her and now, the last photo of her is on top of a place, trying to check her body to learn more about his death.

CLICKING HERE you can see the photo.

To this day, people continue to enjoy her music, admiring her undeniable beauty, admiring her incredible, completely natural silhouette, she has been a great inspiration for many singers with Latin roots.

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