Saudi Arabia celebrates in style and the King decrees a holiday after beating Argentina in Qatar

Saudi Arabia surprised this Tuesday by beating the favorite Argentina 2-1 in their debut in the World Cup, which caused a surge of arab pride in the context of the first tournament to be played in the Middle East.

As part of the celebrations, King Salman decreed Wednesday, November 23 as holiday for all employees and students from the country.

King Salman approved a suggestion made by the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to celebrate the victory of the national team with a festive day.

All public and private sector employees and students at all educational stages they will have vacationsreported the Saudi Press Agency.

Argentines eat the bitter drink for breakfast

While dozens of Arabs celebrated the victory of their team, the Argentines an unexpected bitter pill.

From early on, supporters lined up in bakeries to accompany the game with croissants, while schools and companies gave special permits for students and employees to enter later so they could meet.

However, Saudi Arabia, number 51 in the FIFA international ranking, caused an earthquake in the world of football after coming back from a match that began losing 1-0 against one of the candidates to win the 2022 World Cup, plunging into the amazement of the early risers in Argentina.

Photo: Reuters

In his fifth and final search for the only great trophy that resists him, Messi, 35 years oldscored a penalty kick after 10 minutes for Argentina, which completely dominated the first half but had three goals disallowed at the behest of VAR: one to the captain and two to Lautaro Martínez.

However, Saudi Arabia turned the game around in the second half, surprising the 88,012 spectators present in the stadium.

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