Renault Austral is the new SUV that marks an era

In the times that run within the automobile market, the eyes of all motor lovers are directed to the cars that best adapt to the needs and technology, which is advancing by leaps and bounds. Link practicality and innovation and offer a vehicle attractive, powerful and revolutionary It is an unattainable challenge for many, but for others, it is a reality with names and surnames. This is the case of the New Renault Austral E-tech full hybrid.

Eco excellence and unsurpassed power

The one that for many has become the definitive C-SUV, has been waiting a long time to reveal one of its best kept secrets. Inside, beats a 200 hp E-tech full hybrid engine that not only sets the pace within its segment, but also does so in the field of efficiency. Its consumption is 4.7L/100Km and its emissions are 105g CO2/Km.

To these remarkable numbers another plus is added: the New Renault Austral E-tech full hybrid is capable of save up to 40% fuel in urban environments. Yes, indeed, if we translate all this data into a simple sentence, we could say that we are before the best hybrid engine in the world. Sounds good right? Well this is just the beginning.

The C-SUV of the future in the present

The new technology implemented in cars has not only provided comfort and connectivity that make any trip much easier to do than a few years ago, but also, new ways to enjoy driving. This New Renault Austral is no exception. The brand wanted to raise the commitment to the most cutting-edge and intuitive connectivity in their vehicles and this C-SUV proves it. It has OpenR-linkGoogle services integrated and an impressive control panel made up of 12.3-inch TFT screens.

new renault austral etech full hybrid


In addition, the systems that take part in driving, arrive to revolutionize your sensations behind the wheel. A new 4Advanced control proportional to agility, handling and safety that has always characterized the Renault. He is joined by, among others, 32 driving aids and a technology Multisense designed to personalize even the smallest detail in your driving experience.

An SUV with a sporty spirit

Of all the available versions of the New Renault Austral E-tech hybrid, if there is one that stands out, it is the spirit Alpine. The Alpine essence invades every inch of this car resulting in the sportier version of his line, breathing exclusiveness. 20-inch Daytona wheels, seats upholstered in Alcantara, heated steering wheel and seats with massage function (depending on the version) are some of the jewels that further enhance its appeal. At the moment, its two exclusive versions are the Techno and the Iconic.





Although there are differences between the two versions, both feature a exceptional equipment for the models with which it competes in its segment. If we decide to go all out and carry the Alpine spirit as our flag, we will enjoy the icing on the cake: the Active Driver Assist and its intelligent and proactive adaptive speed regulation.

State-of-the-art technology “Made in Spain”

The Austral era begins now, but it has its origin several years ago. The renaulution raised by the Renault group has meant a breath of fresh aireither in the automobile market. The group has been renewed as it has been implementing changes and climbing steps in all vehicle segments. The perfect example is this New Renault Austral E-tech full hybrid manufactured entirely in Spain. Specifically in three cities: in Valladolid its hybrid engine is born, in Seville the gearbox and finally, in Palencia is made for everyone.

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