reaches its maximum approval in EF survey of ‘corcholatas’ – El Financiero

The November survey The financial showed that the popularity of Adam Augusto LopezSecretary of the Interior, is on the rise ahead of the 2024 elections.

After being included in the group of the so-called ‘corcholatas’ of Morena for the presidential succession, one of the general impressions is that the majority of the population did not know the official.

For reference point, in February of this year, the Secretary of the Interior appeared in fourth place among the preferences, behind Claudia Sheinbaum (48 percent); Marcelo Ebrard (35 percent), and Ricardo Monreal (26 percent).

The favorable opinion towards López fell to a minimum in April, when he only obtained 19 percent mentionsalthough that month was a particularly difficult one for the popularity of the ‘corcholatas’.

The ‘breaking point’ for the popularity of Adam Augustus

The preferences for the Secretary of the Interior seemed to stagnate later in July and August, when he only had 22 percent favorable opinions… and since then the story has been different.

In September, approval for the ‘countryman’ of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stood at 26 percent; rose to 28 percent in October, and reached to 32 percent in Novemberits highest number so far.

Adán Augusto still has to close the differences with the two leaders in the polls, Sheinbaum and Ebrardwho have been constantly at the forefront.

The head of government almost tied her approval peak this year in November (48 percent in February)while that of the chancellor stalled in 40 percent.

What did Adam Augusto do these months?

He “embarked” on a tour of the congresses of all the states to request the support of legislators for the initiative to allow the Armed Forces participate in security tasks until 2028.

In addition, the Secretary of the Interior held a fight against opposition governors and revealed that there is a complaint in The Hague against Felipe Calderón, former president of Mexico, for crimes against humanity.

“Calderón, that criminal, must not be released until they catch him,” said the Secretary of the Interior.

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