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version of Raul Jimenez what is seen outside the Mexican team It does not reflect the current moment of the striker, acknowledged the goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoawho considered that I know is unfair to the ex-Americanist.

For Ochoa, the current status of the player of the wolverhamptonwho notices a lot of desire to shine in Qatar 2022.

“I see Raúl with desire, hunger, ambition and a huge desire to want to play, to be on the field, to contribute and help the team. The desire to return to that level, to play that Raúl has shown after what happened to his head, an example for everyone, an example of motivation and life for footballers and non-footballers alike. And the fact of having him here motivates me to work harder,” said Ochoa.

“I have seen him very well in training, I have seen him working on extra things. That’s why I know it’s often unfair to him. They take five seconds of a video and say it’s not okay and they don’t even have the information they need to be able to report what’s going on. That’s sad, that’s unfair to Raúl. Yes, surely from the way he has worked and from how well I have seen his training, surely on the field he will be in very good shape “.

Memo also spoke of the pressure that lives in the three at the media level, which he also criticized.

“The media pressure in Mexico depends on how you take it, the case that you make, read or see, is your own decision. We are a country with a lot of soccer, with programs at all hours. There is a lot of space to fill, sports are hardly talked about anymore, it has become a show. The headers say one thing and you enter the note and it has nothing to do with it. Instead of advancing, we have regressed in Mexican soccer, ”he added.

“For this to advance, it has to be in all areas. It’s not easy but it has to be said.”

He spoke of his fifth World Cup

“It is my fifth World Cup, I am lucky. Being in a World Cup is never easy for a footballer, there are players who cannot go to any. Living five is wonderful, that’s magnificent. I want this to be different, different and to be the best of all, based on that, there are many young people who have not had a kind in the World Cups, it is not easy to face it, part of my work is part of what corresponds is to give it normality to things that are not easy, on a day-to-day basis. In training, at a World Cup, it’s easy for nerves to get triggered.”

“Best Moment: Everyone has their story. In 2014 it was special, the one in Cameroon was my first match, but without a doubt the game against Brazilzero to zero marked a before and after in my career and many people remember it, taking that image away from people is going to be difficult.”

Follow the coverage of Mexico in the 2022 World Cup with breaking news, statistics and more. We remind you that the National Team will play on November 22, 26 and 30 against Poland, Argentina and Arabiarespectively, in the Group Stage of the World Cup.

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