Profeco registers 330 claims for offers- Uno TV

Good End 2022: Profeco registers 330 claims for offers. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, head of the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco)reported that the articles with the highest number of claims have been clothes and shoes, toys, video games, computers and laptops with 330 in total.

He indicated that so far Good End 2022 claims have been registered for the offers“much less than last year” and stressed that the Attorney General’s Office has achieved 88% conciliation in the concluded ones.

During the morning conference, he stressed that this year the amount recovered has been 469 thousand 685 pesos Y 64 ads have been removed for misleading advertising. He pointed out that there was 213 thousand 319 queries of consumers on the page of the dependency and made 6 thousand 897 telephone consultancies.

“Consumers are making reasoned purchases, that’s something we always need.”

Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, head of Profeco

What have been the best-selling products in the Good End 2022?

He indicated that the best-selling products in the Good End 2022 were computers and laptops, with 30% of sales; 14% of Clothes and shoes; 9% in toys and 7% in food and drinks.

“Many World Cup jerseys have been sold, 71% of those who participated in the Good End 2022 They have bought some World Cup souvenirs, especially shirts and screens to watch the World Cup”.

Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, head of Profeco

Which companies have received the highest number of complaints?

He highlighted the Suppliers with the largest decrease in prices on screens and explained that the providers with the most complaints during the Good End 2022 have been Walmart and Hewlett-Packard, while the supplier with the greatest price decrease in its offers has been Sears.

The federal official added that the average expense in the Good End 2022 has been 8 thousand pesos and he said that the city with the most economic movement was the Mexico Cityfollowed by Guadalajara.

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