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The bonus must be paid before December 20. Photo: Shutterstock

The Christmas bonus is highly anticipated by all workers at the end of the year, since for many It is an economic support that helps in the expenses of the December festivities, though has a very old history which dates back to Celtic culture, and has undergone various transformations to become what we know today.

Currently, the Christmas bonus in Mexico It is calculated for the value equivalent to 15 days of salary and must be paid before December 20.

What is the origin of the bonus?

The oldest reference to the Christmas bonus dates back to the Celtswho called “eguinad” the gifts that were given on the occasion of New Year.

Previously, it was believed that the larger the gift, the better the desired omen for the New Year; nevertheless, money was not part of the gifts.

The origin of the tradition of giving gifts comes from different cultures one of them is ancient Rome, where Titus Tatius, the king who ruled Rome beside Romuluscollected pine branches to give as gifts to their relatives, with the intention of offering good wishes for the coming year.

The money was not part of the bonus. Photo: Freepik

The concept of distributing money as part of the Christmas bonus at this time began when the upper classes of Rome began to give money to servants and subjects as a kind of “help”.

Meanwhile, upper-class workers could reciprocate the gratuity by giving away so-called “health bread,” a food that symbolized luck for the New Year.

In Mexico, the tradition of the Christmas bonus was extended to the labor context, and became a mandatory cash benefit in 1970 thanks to a reform of the Federal Labor Law.

How is the Christmas bonus calculated in Mexico?

Each employer is required to pay the bonus, calculating based on 15 days of salary the dates since the worker was active from January 1 to pay day.

However, still when a person has been fired or resigned to work before the deadline for the payment of the Christmas bonus, You retain the right to receive it.

The bonus is calculated based on 15 days of salary. Photo: Freepik.

In case of having left the job before the annual bonus payment or having joined the company after January 1, the person must receive a Christmas bonus proportional to the days or weeks worked.

For example, if you work with an average daily salary of 350 pesos (10,500 pesos per month), then you would receive a bonus of 5,250 pesos if you worked all year.

If not, let’s imagine that you worked only four months (120 days), so the “full” Christmas bonus of 5,520 will be divided by 365 days, and then multiply the result (14.38) by the days worked, in such a way that the total of your bonus will be one thousand 725.60 pesos

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