National Guard operated illegal detentions and sexual torture in Ecatepec: CNDH

The National Human Rights Commission documented serious violations of human rights due to arbitrary detention, sexual assault, and personal integrity by acts of torture to the detriment of two persons, in acts committed by elements of the National Guard in March 2022.

The investigation also includes the Attorney General of the State of Mexico, since it refused to open the investigation file and only changed its mind when the case was reported in the media.

The first victim reported that elements of the National Guard entered his house in Ecatepec when she was asleep and they arrested her. An agent hit her in the face and took her to an abandoned house, where she was held.

During the operation, the elements sexually assaulted her, under the pretext of looking through her clothes for an object.
The woman resisted but the elements of the National Guard threatened her with their weapons, in addition to verbally telling her that they would continue to sexually assault her if she resisted the act that they were carrying out, “derived from said abuse, she presented symptoms of deterioration, as was detected vaginal bleeding”, says the recommendation.

She also denounced that the members of the GN kept her kneeling while they hit her in the stomach with their fists; all of her carried long weapons with which they were pointed at her, they hit her in the legs with a board and all the time they threatened to sexually assault her again.

The elements released her, without arguing the reason for the operation.

The victim went to the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico to report the facts, but the officials did not want to attend to her.

A man denounced that he was detained by elements of the National Guard in the street, while looking for a taxi, in the streets of the municipality of Ecatepec.

The man agreed to a review but the elements decided to put him on a patrol; During the transfer, he noticed that a woman complaining about her had also been arbitrarily detained.

Federal elements took the man to a vacant lot, where they beat him with a board and pointed a long gun at his buttocks.

“One of the elements of the GN used sexual violence against him with one of his weapons, threatening to kill him if he resisted the acta situation that caused him a lot of fear and shame,” says the recommendation.

He was also suffocated and beaten during the journey.

The elements took his identification and “indicated him not to go to any authority to report what happened or they would return for him.”

The recommendation shows that the elements of the National Guard who participated in the operations lied systematically, since they denied having been in the places indicated by the victims or having participated in the denounced behaviors.

However, there are videos and official reports that place them in the places and the expert reports carried out by the CNDH indicate that the testimonies agree in sequence and logic.

Both victims met outside the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico, when they went to file a complaint but were not attended to.

By sharing their testimonies and videos, they realized that they were victims of the same National Guard patrol.

The CNDH described these events as serious human rights violations and determined measures of satisfaction, reparation, non-repetition, compensation, rehabilitation and non-repetition in favor of the victims.

The facts were revealed in a report on Channel 6:

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