Mina El Hammani strengthens arms with this exercise

    Every time a celebrity shows the exercises she practices to stay in shape, we are the first to take note. to add them to our training routines; especially when that person is in impressive shape. Example: the exercises with which Jennifer López stimulates her arms. Those or any of the ones that the artist has shown in all this time on her Instagram account.

    Well, we have just come across the exercise of a woman who, in addition to being totally fit, conquers us every time she appears on the screen: minna elhammani. The actress, who you probably know from her roles in ‘Elite’ or ‘The Prince’, He has shown the exercise he practices to strengthen his arms.

    Mina El Hammani’s arm exercise

    The actress is a true lover of sports -hence it was the cover of our magazine in 2021-. We recently saw him practice climbing in a climbing wall on her Instagram account, a sport that requires great physical strength.

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    Though it seems that strength training is one of the strong points of his fitnessas we have been able to know thanks to his last stories. Mina has shared a training video in which she teaches the exercise that helps you achieve arms of steel: dumbbell biceps curl.

    After seeing the strength of his arms, we deduce that he practices this exercise regularly. If you want to strengthen your arms like her, you’ll need dumbbells like these from Amazon -discounted- to carry out all your training routines.

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    Finally, we recommend taking a look at these free weight strength exercises that you can also do with dumbbells and that will help you get the most out of your upper body routines.

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