Mexican fans offer Marcelo Ebrard a vote in exchange for alcohol in Qatar

Qatar 2022

The Foreign Secretary, Marcelo Ebrardreceived various support proposals in case he is a candidate for the next presidential election.

Within the framework of the unveiling of works by Mexican artists in the heart of Doha, the national fans who approached the foreign minister They promised her their vote… if she gave them some alcoholthe kind that is so coveted in the World Cup.

A whole party was lived in the event, where various animation groups were present, fans who make the expense to accompany the Mexican team everywhere and that now also frame events with a political overtone.

Among songs with mariachibetween shouts of joy, cheers for the Selection and whoever was present, there was no shortage of those who began to express themselves at the top of their lungs.

“Secretary, take out the chelas”. Another rhythmically asked: “Tequila, tequila”.

Some others were more traditional and requested pulque. Before all this, the chancellor only smiledwhich was accentuated when someone shouted: “A few chelas and you have my vote.”

Marcelo Ebrard has asked that the Mexican fans behave, that they do not break the established rules by the Qatari government in a matter of order and zero alcohol consumption in the streets.

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