Matches today: Denmark vs Tunisia live matchday 1 of the World Cup in Qatar 2022

Denmark vs Tunisia live matchday 1 of the World Cup in Qatar 2022

Min 90+6 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | The game is over. Denmark and Tunisia draw goalless in their World Cup debut in Group D.

Min 90+3 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | They ask for a hand in the Tunisian area. The referee César Ramos approaches the VAR, checks the action and there is nothing. He calls a push from a Danish player, prior to the play of the hand.

Min 90+2 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Denmark launches in search of the three points and stays very close to the goal with a long shot that the African goalkeeper manages to stop with many problems.


min 90 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | The Mexican whistler adds 5 more minutes to the game.

min 86 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | One more warning, this time for Taha Yassine Khenissi of the Tunisian national team.

min 82 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | The last minutes of the game are played. Tunisia have been better than Denmark, although both have had their chances.

min 79 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Changes in Tunisia: Youssef Msakni leaves and leaves his place to Hannibal Mejbri, while Issam Jebali does the same for the entry of Taha Yassine Khenissi.

min 77 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Yellow card warning for Mathias Jensen of Denmark.

min 71 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | All of Denmark demands a hand in the Joakim Maehle area. However, referee César Ramos says that there is nothing, that the action continues, accepting that there is contact, but caused by an unintentional rebound.

min 69 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Tunisia is saved!! Andreas Cornelius makes contact with the ball in the area and unbelievably the ball hits the left post.

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Min 68 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Goalkeeper Aymen Dahmen saves Tunisia with a save from Christian Eriksen’s shot. The goalkeeper, with a changed hand, sends the ball to a corner kick.

min 67 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Tunisia also moves its pieces: Anis Slimane leaves the field for the entry of Naim Sliti.

min 64 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Three changes in the Danish team. Simon Kjaer leaves and Mathias Jensen enters; Kasper Dolberg leaves for Andreas Cornelius, while Jesper Lindstrom takes Andreas Skov Olsen’s place.

min 60 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Denmark returned to the game, shook off the dominance that Tunisia reprinted and is already showing itself in danger on the pitch.

min 57 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Kasper Dolberg appears in the area to brush the ball with his head. Unfortunately for him, the ball went astray from the Tunis cabin.

min 55 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Disallowed goal for Denmark. Mikkel Damsgaard is ahead and the score is correctly invalidated by the third of Mexican referees.

Min 50 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Isaam Jebali came out on the counterattack, headed alone towards Denmark’s cabin, but his legs ran out and he tried to touch the ball, when he had everything to shoot.

48 min | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Tunisia is the owner of these first few minutes of the plugin. The African team shows an important offensive attitude.

min 46 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Just as they moved the ball, the Tunisians went on the attack and got a corner kick that ended up in Denmark’s control.

min 46 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | The second half begins at the Estadio de la Ciudad de la Educación. Tunisia is in charge of moving the ball.

Min 45+4 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | The first period ends. Denmark and Tunisia go goalless at halftime in a very intense game.

45 min | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Referee César Ramos will add 4 more minutes to the first part.

45 min | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Change of Denmark. Thomas Delaney leaves the field due to injury leaving his place to Mikkel Damsgaard

min 42 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Issam Jebali is face to face with Kasper Schmeichel, spoons the ball and when the first goal was sung, the goalkeeper sends the ball into a corner kick.

min 38 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Tunisia launches the attack… Aissa Laidouni finds a ball in the area and takes a bomb that goes to one side. The African hit the ball resentfully.

min 33 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Tunisia waits well standing back. The African team has ceded possession to their rival, hoping to counterattack.

30 min | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Now the one with the ball is Denmark, who seeks to weave a dangerous play with several touches in midfield.

27 min | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Denmark manages to shake off the new pressure that Tunisia exerted on them and returns to even out the process of the game.

24 min | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | The first booking card is for Rasmus Kristensen of Denmark.

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min 23 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Denmark is saved again. Issam Jebali stars in a counterattack that ends with the ball in the net, but referee César Ramos annulls the goal for offside.

Photo: Reuters

21 min | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | They begin to rain center to the Tunis area. Denmark looks for the first goal in the aerial game.

18 min | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | The Danes return to the attack. Joakim Maehle sends a cross into the box that dangerously wanders through the danger zone in search of a teammate. It all ends in a corner kick that is controlled by the Africans.

15 min | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Denmark tries to shake off the slight dominance imposed by Tunisia. Rasmus Kristensen goes on the attack, enters the area, but his shot is blocked by the defense.

min 13 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | The African team is playing better than Denmark, they already have the ball at their feet for a longer time and try to be more offensive.

10 min | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | WOW!! Denmark is saved from the first goal. A shot from outside the area by Mohamed Drager is slightly deflected by a Danish defender and the ball barely misses the post.

min 8 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | There is still no clear dominator on the pitch. The dispute for control of the ball is strong in midfield.

Min 5 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | The game is very intense, with a Denmark that wants to take possession of the ball, but in front is a Tunisia determined to add.

Min 3 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | The Africans responded with a shot from Youssef Msakni that was blocked by the defense. The match started very hectic.

Min 2 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | The Danish team was in charge of moving the ball and immediately went on the attack… They want the 3 points!

min 00 | Denmark 0-0 Tunisia | Start the match. Denmark and Tunisia are already in Group D of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

This is what Denmark’s dressing room looks like

everything is ready in the dressing room from Denmark to start their World Cup participation.

Confirmed Denmark lineup

the danish team is ready for his debut World Cup player and has already announced the starting 11 for his first game.

Confirmed lineup for Tunisia

the african team has unveiled the team with which he will face Denmark.

Where to watch the Denmark vs Tunisia game live?

the meeting It will start at 07:00 a.m., central Mexico time, at the Qatar Foundation Stadium, located in the city of Rayyan, Qatar. It can be followed live on TV through TUDN, TV Azteca, SKY Sports and Vix +. The minute by minute we have it in MARK Sure.

GOOD MORNING!!!! The World Cup in Qatar 2022 continues its course and it is the turn of Group D to enter into activity, this time with the match between Denmark and Tunisia which will be held at the Qatar Foundation.

The Danish team is one of the favorites to advance to the round of 16 in this sector. However, they will have to make the forecasts valid on the court against a rival that could become the group’s surprise.

This World Cup represents a challenge for Kasper Hjulmand’s team, which He seeks to surpass his performances in the fair, in which he has the quarterfinals as his best result. Now headed by Christian Eriksen and Kasper Schmeichel they will try to seal a great performance.

It is so they cannot detach themselves from this minute by minute of MARCA Claro in which we will bring them all the emotions of this vibrant party that will have as dressing the participation of the Mexican referee, César Arturo Ramos, who will be in charge of directing the duel, along with Alberto Morín and Miguel Hernández, who will act as Assistants 1 and 2, respectively… Let’s start!!

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